This trio is the result of the meeting between the folk musician Einar Olav Larsen and  the blues pianist Daniel Trustrup Røssing. They performed together for the first time at Hilmarfestivalen 2006. This festival is a tribute to one of the finest folk fiddlers in Norway in the 20th century, Hilmar Alexandersen. Alexandersen, and his musicianship with the pianist Sturla Hallås, is the trio’s main influence. This is a music and style formed during more than 20 years of performing at local weddings and dance arrangements in Trøndelag. Einar Olav and Daniel, together with Einar Olav’s youngest brother, Audun, on the double base, develop this tradition and make it their own.


Einar Olav Larsen (b. 1979) is the fiddler from Verdal, nearby Trondheim. He comes from a family with a strong folk music tradition. Besides playing the ordinary violin, he uses the Hardanger fiddle, the national instrument of Norway. He is among other things known from P. A. Røstad’s orchestra, the Finnish-Norwegian band Frigg, the duo with brother Gjermund Larsen - and the last year performances with the Norwegian artist Øystein Sunde.

Daniel Trustrup Røssing (b. 1984) is recognized as a great talent in blues piano. He had his breakthrough during 2007, touring with Chuck Berry, and is by now the rock legend’s first choice when playing in Europe.

Audun Larsen (b. 1989) is the youngest member of the folk music family Larsen. Despite his young age, he has become a routined base player through experience with different kind of music.

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